Eating After Tooth Extraction: Is It Wrong?

Tooth extraction can be a painful experience to a person, however, having a painful feeling after tooth extraction can be prevented if you know the proper tooth extraction aftercare and you are careful with the food that you eat after you got a tooth extraction. Is ice-cream eating after tooth extraction allowed?  Why is crispy-food eating after tooth extraction is highly discouraged? What should you know about eating after tooth extraction? Get all the answers to these questions about various foods eating after tooth extraction by reading this article. This piece of writing will provide you relevant information and useful facts that you need to know about the food that you need to eat after tooth extraction.

What should you know about eating after tooth extraction?

When you are eating after tooth extraction, you need to understand that you are not allowed to eat all kinds of food especially if the wound in your gum is still fresh. You are recommended to have a soft diet after you tooth is being extracted.  It is best to eat oatmeal, porridge, soft fruit and soup after your tooth extraction. Ice- cream eating after tooth extraction is recommended because it can soothe the swollen area in your gum and it can also heal the numbness of your cheeks because of pain. Eating soft fruits like banana, avocado and other soft fruits are also recommended. On the other hand, you are highly discouraged to eat crunchy food and hard food because you are putting pressure on the wound thus causing it to bleed and swell. You are also not allowed to eat spicy food as the spices can cause your wound to heal slowly, and there are some cases that people get swollen wound because of the hot spices from the food that they eat.

What are the other factors that you need to know about eating after tooth extraction?

After you get a tooth extraction, you are recommended to follow all the tooth extraction aftercare that your dentist has advised you to do. The tooth extraction aftercare include keeping a good oral hygiene, brushing your teeth regularly would keep the wound to heal faster. Do not gargle with your mouthwash because it has some components that may be too strong for your open wound in your gum. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking as it can cause infection on your extracted part of the gum.


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