Get rid of love handles and lose stomach fat

If your struggling to lose weight or to lose your stomach fat, please read on.

A lot, if not all, would kill to have abs. However, everyone also knows that it is not that easy to get rid of love handles. So many individuals have come up with “secret formulas” that all aim to teach slightly round people how to lose stomach fat. However, the experts all agree that there are no hard and fast rules to losing that extra tire. According to them, no one exercise regime or diet can truly help get rid of all that tummy fat and build up abdominal muscles. However, they do agree that it is not impossible to get that flat belly.

According to experts, when a person loses weight it is the abdominal region that will be affected first. After a person continues to lose weight for a longer period, only then will he be able to lose weight proportionally from the other regions of the body. The reason for this is because visceral fat is easier to burn and lose than subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is located in the middle portion of the person while the subcutaneous fat is found underneath the skin just like in arms. This observation becomes even more evident in people who have more to lose around their belly area than those who have less. This is the reason why the last pounds are the hardest ones to lose.

Diet has a lot to do in speeding up the process of losing tummy fat. According to a study, people who eat a diet rich with whole grains lose visceral fat faster than those who do not. This diet should of course include not just whole grains but also fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and either lean meat, fish or poultry. Whole grains, unlike bad carbohydrates, allow the body to use up fat stores more efficiently due to an altered glucose-insulin response.

Bad carbohydrates including refined foods elevate the blood glucose levels. As a response, the body secretes insulin. Insulin is a hormone which causes fat deposition rather than metabolizing the stores. However, if a person is on a whole wheat diet, the body’s sensitivity to insulin is altered. The body is more able to process glucose much efficiently. At the same time, the body refrains from storing fat rather it mobilizes the stored fat and the person loses weight.

It has long been assumed that crunches help in getting people the much elusive six-pack abs. However, doing crunches will not work if a person still has weight to lose. It is only when there is no more excess fat around the belly area that crunches will actually start to exercise and build up the abdominal muscles. The secret when it comes to exercising is to do an hour of a moderate activity regimen like walking. The more that a person loses weight through exercising, the closer he or she is to having a six pack or flat stomach. The most important things to remember when getting rid of love handles is to have a proper diet, keep the weight off and exercise. That is the idiots guide on how to lose stomach fat.

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